Tuesday, August 31, 2010

birthday girls

uh oh. when two out of three blog posts are felinecentric, i think we see where this thing is headed. i promise i'm not a cat lady! but! i've been thinking so much about birthdays lately (it seems for the last few months someone i know has got one every week), that i wanted to share photos with you from jude's (may) and my (july) birthdays respectively!

we used her first birthday as an excuse to throw a big vegetarian bbq and have all our friends over. i think she loved all the kisses and catnip.

almost as amazing as jude's new pirate ship were the sweet gifts my friends brought to my vegetarian birthday bbq! (what can i say? my guy grills a mean veggie burger.) the handcrafted necklace from my ohsotalented pal melissa has been a staple accessory since july 16th.

every girl should keep this pint-sized book in her clutch!

in other cat-related news, j's baby photo was featured on the world's sweetest tumblr, dreamcats! a must-bookmark. i've also got this crazy cute tiny-fit cat tapestry vest for sale in my vintage shop right now! meow, ladies.

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