Friday, September 10, 2010

tess' dresses

my mama had some AMAZING clothing when she was a young lady. my sister and i love to look at old pictures of her and ogle her style, especially since most of what she wore she made herself. she even made her own wedding dress! unfortunately for us, she didn't haul much of her old apparel along with her while she moved to new states and into new decades. (not that much of it would have fit me anyway, since she's a good nine inches taller than me!)

so you can imagine my excitement when my boyfriend's mom phoned to say she had boxes of old clothes she thought i might like. we dashed over and i dove right into the boxes, squealing with delight and stuffing a trash bag full of my chosen treasures (at which point R's sister said i looked like a homeless person...). so many dresses, with original tags, in my size! i'm wearing one of my favorites to indian tonight with friends. hope R doesn't feel like he's on a date with his mother...

(jude wanted to do some modeling too...)

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