Monday, September 27, 2010

tofu, please

i've been vegetarian since i was 18. that would make 11 years for you mathematicians out there, except i had one weird year in there where i flirted with poultry. i like to pretend my three years of veganism make amends to those poor chickens and turkeys. at any rate, tofu is one of my absolute favorite foods, and one of the most excellent parts about traveling is hunting down the best veggie restaurants. people have teased me for occasionally photographing my meals, but i'm hungry right now so i'll share some with you!
new york city is a vegan's dream. everything i've ever had at teany is amazing. their vegan pumpkin cheesecake is no exception. you guys know how i feel about pumpkin...
everyone raves about red bamboo, and it's true that their tofu shrimp do taste uncomfortably like the real thing, but my choice for pan-asian in new york is zen palate. my handsome brother is pictured above snacking on some sweet potato fries that'll bring you to tears. my favorite dish there is a curried concoction of soy protein, potatoes, and carrots. yum.

i love all cupcakes, great and small. (vegan and not.) sticky fingers in washington, d.c. has some of the sweetest! everything's vegan there (including the chicken nuggets above which i probably ate after the cupcake)!

while in fort worth, texas last year, i made it a point to find spiral diner, a very famous and very cute organic vegan diner. i love veggie chicken salad sandwiches (though my boyfriend makes the best), and could not pass on dessert when that vegan chocolate chip cookie sundae was an option!

speaking of vegan ice cream, my sister and brother-in-law took us for a late-night cone at bi-rite creamery when we visited them in san francisco last year. too many choices!

not speaking the language, it was definitely a challenge to find veggie choices when we went to tokyo last summer! luckily, we toted around a little piece of paper that read "we are vegetarians. NO FISH." in japanese. i honestly can't remember what the above meal was, or where we ate it, but i know we were pleased to stumble upon a cute little veggie place in shibuya.

much, MUCH closer to home is a little shack in gainesville which cooks everything up in woks and serves the most delicious curry tofu stir-fry i've ever had. steamers has practically nowhere to sit, but it's worth standing while eating.

sometimes you just want some fast food. doesn't happen a lot for me, but if i'm ever in tampa (where the thrifting is fine!), you can bet i'll be ordering a veggie burger and some famous air fries from evo's.

and i'd be remiss not to mention ethos vegan kitchen in my old 'hood, downtown orlando. i don't think i've taken any photos of the food i've ordered, because i've been too busy worshiping their sheep's pie while i'm there. it's my very favorite vegan restaurant, and i'll be there at least twice while visiting orlando next month!

and... because every vegetarian loves a good slice of pizza now and then (or in my case- always), i'll give a shout-out to another orlando haunt, lazy moon. i might not have made it through college without the boxcar willy (a slice that big and a pint of pbr for $3.50).

if you've got a favorite veg restaurant- anywhere!- i want to know about it!



    Le Commensal in Montreal! it is so so so good!


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