Tuesday, October 19, 2010

keep + animal collective

i've been wanting to mention this for a couple weeks now, but i had to wait until the final shoe was unveiled yesterday! members of animal collective have designed limited edition shoes for keep. having been a fan of both a.c. and keep shoes for ages, i've been eager to see each new shoe for the last four weeks! (nothing tops the baby kicks!) what makes this collaboration even better is that proceeds go to benefit soccorro island conservation. (the bonus cassette of previously unreleased animal collective jams also sweetens the deal!) i'm happy with my old gingham ramos, but i think i've persuaded le boyfriend to snag a pair before it's too late. after all, he once told me his favorite cause is "water."

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  1. Hi Marissa! What a lovely, lovely, lovely blog! Adding to my favorites :)


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