Wednesday, October 20, 2010

slowly but surely

as i mentioned last month, i'm learning to play tennis. at age 29. my boyfriend and another good friend of ours are all taking lessons together, clinic style, from a tennis whiz i feel privileged to learn from. he promises me i've shown great improvement, but i get a tad disheartened when a four-year-old girl waltzes up to the court next to us and outshines me with her forehand. i'm not here to complain; i'm really enjoying it! the weather's so nice and naturally we're spending more time outdoors since we go out four times a week. i secretly enjoy hearing R laugh at my lack of grace on the court, and i know our instructor gets a kick out of me too (i catch him smirking sometimes).

this evening wasn't my finest practice- my mind wandered everywhere but where my focus should be. namely on a craving for mexican, wondering when i'll be good enough to show up at the court in stella mccartney for adidas, and wanting to show you the amazing print on the 70s deadstock tennis top i recently scored. stella's gonna have to wait.
*photos taken with the silly iphone crossprocess app.

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