Monday, November 29, 2010

xoxo, gospel girl

november has been a pretty magical month for my close little group of friends.  a couple was married, a baby girl was born, and today "duettes" is released.  owen, performing under the handle gospel music, is one of my very best friends.  and thanks to his musical genius, i'm now separated by one mere degree from shirley simms of magnetic fields!  

his lovely LP features duets with simms, tracyanne campbell (camera obscura),  darren hayman (hefner),  cassie ramone (vivian girls), and soko.  (you'll be tossing your voice into the ring too after a few listens; i can't listen to tracks 3 or 6 without singing along!) so grab a limited edition vinyl for your boyfriend's record collection, a digital download for your ipod, and thank me later.  more info here.  owen, let's have a drink.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

nice days

1. celebrated the best thanksgiving in years, 2. updated the shop with some things i want to keep for myself, 3. began sneaking festive touches into little corners throughout the house, 4. hung tough with jude (and prayed she'd somehow not notice the shiny new christmas tree begging to be explored), 5. met three-day-old penelope (and started crying like a baby)!

Friday, November 26, 2010

bright friday

did you wake up at 4am to battle middle-aged women for parking spots, score christmas pajamas at unbelievable markdowns(!), or snap up  a handful of $3 dvds you'll never watch?  me neither!  but i did update the vintage store with some very reasonably priced pieces from the comfort of my couch, so you can shop from the comfort of yours. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

+1 for dinner

amidst all my pre-holiday running around, i had plans to have coffee with my friend bethany today.  but she went into labor instead!  we're all so thankful that baby penelope is here... i  can't wait to meet her!  congratulations, nick and bethany!!!

happy thanksgiving, everyone!  i'm very happy to report that R's family is coming to our place this year, so he can dazzle them with his veg culinary wizardry.  (there's also plenty of television i'm excited about this week.  plenty.)  missing my loved ones across the miles, and looking forward to penning christmas love letters to each of you.  eat well, friends.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

etsy: jane foster

a quick visit to my etsy favorites list reminded me how much i love these little guys.  and how perfect they'd look on our couch.  screenprinted and sewn by jane foster.  (i spy orla prints!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

shelley's knits

my younger sister shelley is a self-taught knitting wizard.  honestly.  a few years ago she learned some basic stitches to keep her hands busy, watched some instructional youtube videos, and suddenly is hand-knitting crazy awesome sweaters with little owls woven along the yoke.  who does that?!  if you can imagine it, she's probably already knit it.  i tell her to open an etsy shop, but i think she knits for the enjoyment of it and doesn't want any pressure.  fine with me!  anything i've requested, she's whipped up beautifully, and hers are always the christmas and birthday gifts i'm most excited to open.  (i know what i'm getting this year and i'm stoked!)  here are a few of the sweet little things she's made for me.  (the handwarmers she made for R and me aren't pictured because they're worn OUT!)

Friday, November 19, 2010

miss moffatt

the blogs are a-buzz about lauren moffatt's spring 2011 lookbook, and freaking rightly so (INNNNSANE!). but i'm no fashion blogger, so i'll save those gorgeous images for a post in march or april, when i'm feeling springy and want some inspiration to lure me out of hibernation.  it's fall, remember? so here are some of my favorites from her fall line, which is also too good to be true (literally, the cadet cape is long sold out.  boohoo).  i can't seem to get enough navy, brown, or plaid these days!  or red... never enough red...

etsy: cupcake confessional

if you know me, you know cupcakes number among my favorite things in life.  they're the perfect little package: pretty to look it, delicious, and you never feel guilty eating one (or three).  i love to bake them, photograph them, and stop into every cupcakery i stumble across.

i've been wanting to showcase some favorite etsy shops, and with holiday entertaining looming, what better time to introduce you to cupcake confessional!  i confess: i'm a frequent shopper here.  (i just ordered some goodies for this year's christmas party!)  here's just a teensy peek at their beautiful liners:
much, much more to choose from in their shop!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

eskimo kiss

this is me sheepishly admitting that i'm sort of excited about pulling out our christmas decorations next week.  i've collected some pretty awesome 70s decor over the years, and it's always fun to open the little time capsule of things i've completely forgotten about since last december.  i actually just remembered that my sister gave us an amazing handmade ornament she picked up at renegade san francisco.  it's so pretty and totally reminds me of a candid our friend ian snapped of us while at a bar this time last year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


last night while sitting on the couch together, R called my outfit (buffalo plaid flannel & acid washed jeans) 'grunge'.  i defensively retorted, "tavi would think it's cool!"  yes, my boyfriend knows who tavi gevinson is.  we want to adopt her.  and i won't pretend that i'm not stoked on her recent announcement that she's working on a new magazine with jane pratt; my mom bought me a subscription to sassy when i was 13 (mom's cool), and i love skipping down 90's memory lane when tavi posts old mag scans and screen caps of daria and my so-called life.  she's way better at being a teen in the 90s than i was (seriously- all i remember is constantly rewinding my 'oooooh on the tlc tip' cassette and pining over joey lawrence).  i credit sassy with my fervent magazine addiction (i've read nylon since its first issue and can't muster up the dignity to quit now), and i'm looking forward to seeing what the eighth grade prodigy has up her couture sleeve for us!

ps- i know stylebook sounds an awful lot like style rookie, but i've been selling vintage under this moniker since tavi was eight... promise.   

**photo from the september 20th new yorker.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

gramma jo

i was reminded of some very old photos of my late grandmother that my sister scanned, and thought i'd share them here.  (you can guess that my own tennis racket reminded me of her badminton racket!)  she was in her very early teens here, and i think she was modeling for a photographer friend.  i need to get some reprinted and framed.  isn't she so beautiful?  i miss her.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


'tis (almost) the season to wear my favorite color!  
get yours in the vintage shop!  xo

Saturday, November 13, 2010

dreamy 2011

i practically had to handcuff myself to ensure i'd stay away from my computer last night at 6pm when anabela's dreamcats calendar went on sale.  gorgeously illustrated by her fiancĂ© geoff, and inspired by the brilliant collection of photos she curates (the homepage on my laptop!). because i'm keeping my purse strings tied tightly the next several weeks, i'm not indulging in treats for myself right now.  but  gift-givers take heed: i'd graciously accept this or anything else from the lovely fieldguided shop!

Friday, November 12, 2010

tender pervert

from the photobooth at mike & colleen's wedding last week.
maybe you guys didn't know i'm dating momus.


greetings from a four day weekend!  day one was super productive (which, by my definition, means i checked lots off my to-do list and consumed a lot of calories).  i love holidays like veterans day: 50% off everything at my favorite thrifts.  got organized!  swapped out summer dresses for long-sleeved ones, ran a zillion errands, worked on the shop, and had friends over for an insanely delicious roast prepared by the resident chef (not me).  i even got started on some christmas crafting, and tried in vain to take a photo of jude in holiday mode.  she was not havin' it.
now off to lunch with my favorite parents, who just happen to be in town from virginia.  will i get CRAZY later and watch the six weeks worth of teen television sitting on the DVR?!  maaaaybe.  will i attempt a veggie version of the mouth-watering meal james mentioned on bleubird blog?  hopefully!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

little marc

once upon a time i was a nanny for the children of a very wealthy, very professional athlete.  i was just me, showing up for work looking polished, but in ensembles that probably cost me $45 total (you know, an h&m skirt, thrifted vintage blouses and shoes).  i will always remember witnessing the little girl irreparably tear her little marc jacobs dress on a playground merry-go-round, right in front of me.  she wasn't fussed, but i'm pretty sure i had a mini stroke.  let's just pause to appreciate little marc's fall line, and thank our moms for sticking us in affordable and durable osh-kosh.
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