Sunday, November 7, 2010


nothing says november more to me than pumpkin pie.  and frankly, i've had pie on the brain for awhile now.  i've been wanting to try my hand at mini pies, but it wasn't until i saw the beautiful dessert table at my wonderful friends mike and colleen's GORGEOUS wedding this weekend that i really felt the baking urge.  i remembered my mom had given me a teeny heart-shaped pie mold from williams & sonoma a hundred years ago, so i dug it out and gave it a whirl this afternoon.  they came out of the oven significantly less pretty than the w&s box promised, but they tasted good! i had a backup dessert just in case...  um, have you guys tried the pumpkin ice cream at whole foods?
**colleen, please don't think i carelessly mentioned your wedding in a pie post.  i know you care about pumpkin just as much as i do.  :)

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