Tuesday, November 9, 2010


while spending the last month on my oft-mentioned amy sedaris book kick, it dawned on me that i'd never actually watched strangers with candy.  i know, i know- crazy.  of course i've seen reruns on comedy central here and there, but i was undoubtedly eating, texting, shopping online, and not paying proper attention.  and i'm sure i would have appreciated it when it originally aired, but that was 1999/early 2000s, when i went an entire year never once turning on the television in my dorm room (remember how cool it was to be anti-tv?).  i probably would have saved a lot of money on beer if i'd switched the telly on once in awhile back then...  

anyway!  netflix instant is the best thing to happen to those of us who have entire series to catch up on, and i've been doing my homework.  oh, jerri blank.  so gross, and yet, how i envy your 70s sweater vest collection.

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