Sunday, November 21, 2010

shelley's knits

my younger sister shelley is a self-taught knitting wizard.  honestly.  a few years ago she learned some basic stitches to keep her hands busy, watched some instructional youtube videos, and suddenly is hand-knitting crazy awesome sweaters with little owls woven along the yoke.  who does that?!  if you can imagine it, she's probably already knit it.  i tell her to open an etsy shop, but i think she knits for the enjoyment of it and doesn't want any pressure.  fine with me!  anything i've requested, she's whipped up beautifully, and hers are always the christmas and birthday gifts i'm most excited to open.  (i know what i'm getting this year and i'm stoked!)  here are a few of the sweet little things she's made for me.  (the handwarmers she made for R and me aren't pictured because they're worn OUT!)


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