Friday, November 12, 2010


greetings from a four day weekend!  day one was super productive (which, by my definition, means i checked lots off my to-do list and consumed a lot of calories).  i love holidays like veterans day: 50% off everything at my favorite thrifts.  got organized!  swapped out summer dresses for long-sleeved ones, ran a zillion errands, worked on the shop, and had friends over for an insanely delicious roast prepared by the resident chef (not me).  i even got started on some christmas crafting, and tried in vain to take a photo of jude in holiday mode.  she was not havin' it.
now off to lunch with my favorite parents, who just happen to be in town from virginia.  will i get CRAZY later and watch the six weeks worth of teen television sitting on the DVR?!  maaaaybe.  will i attempt a veggie version of the mouth-watering meal james mentioned on bleubird blog?  hopefully!


  1. Those donuts are the prettiest ones I have ever seen, ha!

  2. lauren, aren't they?! i'd normally hide my donut consumption from the world but they just beg to be photographed!

  3. those donuts are the coolest and yummiest looking donuts i have ever seen!


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