Monday, November 29, 2010

xoxo, gospel girl

november has been a pretty magical month for my close little group of friends.  a couple was married, a baby girl was born, and today "duettes" is released.  owen, performing under the handle gospel music, is one of my very best friends.  and thanks to his musical genius, i'm now separated by one mere degree from shirley simms of magnetic fields!  

his lovely LP features duets with simms, tracyanne campbell (camera obscura),  darren hayman (hefner),  cassie ramone (vivian girls), and soko.  (you'll be tossing your voice into the ring too after a few listens; i can't listen to tracks 3 or 6 without singing along!) so grab a limited edition vinyl for your boyfriend's record collection, a digital download for your ipod, and thank me later.  more info here.  owen, let's have a drink.

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