Tuesday, December 21, 2010


oh, pushing daisies.  i loved you in 2007, and i really love you now.  we've been watching it instantly on netflix, and though it's given me a nightly pie craving, it's so so pretty and perfect when watched under five blankets with a boyfriend on one side and a cat on the other.  completely the love child of my favorite movie and favorite television series (amélie & six feet under), dressed in vintage frocks and floral wallpaper.  (dude, they even made the city morgue cute.) plus chuck looks just like my best friend brie.  what's not to love?


  1. okay i feel really really embarrassed that i haven't seen it. i can't believe myself! vintage outfits! cute sets! i have to start netflixing it immediately. these pictures definitely helped convince me!

    and also i loveeee the boots in your above post. so so cute.

  2. Marissa, I truly miss you so much. I'm even contemplating coming to Jax for a visit just for you!
    Let's talk soon about this possibility...

    P.S. Been looking through all your pictures: Loving all the warmth and beauty from your family holiday photos.
    P.P.S. I reeeealy wish to look like her!

  3. I too have a huge girl crush on Chuck as well!!!!! Love her!


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