Monday, December 6, 2010

etsy: monsieur & madame

i'm an etsy vintage junkie.  browsing more so than buying (luckily for my bank account); my 'favorites' totally rat me out too.  there'll be big chunks that suggest i just may have been searching for vintage ruffly swimsuits,  ankle boot after ankle boot, or (shamefully) any and every cat sweater i can find.  (i still don't own one.)  and any time i spend scouring etsy pales in comparison to the time i spend thrifting every week.

i'm not alone in my addiction.  between my lovely friend melissa and me, we've got this city covered when it comes to the vintage hunt.  nearly every time we see each other you'll hear "ooh, where did you get those?"   "will that fit me?"   "i want that!"  lucky for YOU, she's just opened a sweet little etsy shop too!  visit and be sure to add monsieur & madame to your favorites, i've seen the good stuff she'll be adding soon.

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