Friday, December 10, 2010

old clothes & cats

i've been getting festive 'round here.  

last week i took inventory of all the shimmery, lacy, red, and undeniably CHRISTMAS vintage clothing i own.  it was a lot.  too much.  i have plenty of friends, but there couldn't possibly be enough parties in the month to wear it all.  so i pared it down, tossed it into the shop, and wouldn't you know it?  cool girls all over the country have been online shopping like mad for something cute to wear to their friends' parties.  seriously- so many orders this week!  happy you, happy me!  

now that our christmas cards have been received on both coasts, i can show you jude's christmas picture.  (i should really disclaim that all the crazy cat lady things we do for jude [holiday photos, birthday parties] are all me.  my boyfriend loves our cat but he's not mixed up in my shenanigans.)  i also found some estate sale cat cookie cutters to use for cookies next week.  and for good measure- let's bid a tearful adieu to my tiny 2010 calendar.  i promise i hated cats until five were born on our doorstep last year...

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