Thursday, January 6, 2011

books please!

i "guest teach" every day ("substitute" doesn't sound nearly as important), and often have hours at a time where i've got the luxury of reading a good book for a paycheck.  (on the flipside- i have a ton of pipsqueak horror stories, so don't go getting jealous.)  i burn through books and love recommendations!

please!  what books do you recommend?  i know i've got at least a few blog readers out there;  come out of the woodwork and comment with your favorites!  thanks!

*above photo: three-month-old jude with the obnoxiously large cat book we couldn't refuse.  capturing her in that moment had us in hysterics.


  1. Joan Didion, Raymond Carver short stories, Actual Air by David Berman, Truman Capote.
    Didion is my number one fav, she's not the most uplifting material but if you want some meaty weighty skilled writing, she's your gal. Love 'Play it as it Lays.'

    Couldn't put 'In Cold Blood' down. Also Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's is great.

    Raymond Carver-weird eery suburbia short stories. Little chunks to consider.

    Actual Air-poetry for people who don't necessarily like poetry. Brilliant.

  2. Feel free to drop by my blog - I do book reviews and keep all the links on my nav bar. I've got 2 years worth of books for you to look through!

  3. I saw your comment on BBL's post so I though I would drop by I would be happy to give you several book rec's! But what type of books do you prefer?

  4. jessicia, i'm honestly not particular! i typically choose new books based on reviews from others, so i love when people share their favorites. once i find a book i've really enjoyed, i'll read everything else by that author. aew's comment above was super helpful! thanks for popping by!

  5. hi dear,
    have you read margaret atwood's "oryx and crake"? Its sort of sci-fy and I hear the sequel she wrote is even better. Also, I was really into that book "Never let me Go"- Ishiguro is another favorite author! The best book I read last year was "Devil in the White City"!

  6. my boyfriend bought me this book awhile ago when i was having a bad day! so cute.


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