Wednesday, January 26, 2011


didn't realize how really and truly i'm digging pinks, browns, and creams until i went through some snaps from the past week.  1. tossed my stash of BPA-laden plastic utensils into the recycling bin and replaced them with earth-friendly (and aesthetically pleasing!) bamboo, which we used for pie night.  2. inherited a friend of a friend's four years' worth of martha stewart livings! pays to have sweet friends who actually read my blog!  3.  sported tara-lynn's handiwork last weekend when R surprised me with a trip to my favorite curry place (a couple cities away) for lunch.  4.  very possibly squealed at the sight of anthro's new spring window display.  5. scooped up these dreamy melissa & doug magnetic 'paper' dolls to keep around for- ahem- all our friends' kids who come over.

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