Saturday, January 8, 2011

cupcake kicks

i'd completely forgotten about irregular choice until today!  six or seven years ago i loved to save my pennies to splurge on an über silly pair of shoes that i'd wear to my (miserable) legal assistant job!  (many an attorney eyebrow was raised.)  i talk and talk about wanting to simplify my wardrobe, to kick out some of the 60s prints and replace them with grey grey grey, but it'll never happen.  not when i draw inspiration from shoes that are just as pretty as cupcakes!


  1. Irregular Choice is for irregular shoes, but I like that third photo! Cute color, too.

    Maybe you weren't meant to be simple and gray, gray, gray?

  2. Ooh, me too, in about 2003 I was obsessed with Irregular Choice shoes. I can't walk in heels, so it was always the flat ones with the funny toes that I bought. My boyfriend found a pair of my black ones yesterday, and wondered why the toe was funny! My favourite pair ever pink, grey and yellow striped with a little button. I wore them until they died! I think the top pair have just re-ignited my love for Irregular Choice...! x


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