Saturday, January 29, 2011

i think it's nice outside?

sick! again.  i don't suspect a weak immune system to be the culprit so much as the three days i've spent in pre-k classrooms this week.  no amount of hand washing or breath holding can protect against four-year-olds who want to hug, climb, hang, sneeze, and lick on you.  everyone's feverish and achy in the house, and i'm consistently feeling the cat's forehead and wondering if she's sleeping more than usual, hoping she won't get it too.  nervous mama.  the australian open's been on our television all hours of the day for the last two weeks (though we skipped our own tennis lesson yesterday- oops), and being cooped up in front of record-length tennis matches lends itself to LOTS of simultaneous online clickin' around.  i even dusted off an unused polyvore account i've had for three years... and i hate polyvore.  but i want all these pretty spring things.  (i'd have to stuff one of R's guitars in that amazing stripey case because i'm no musician.  poser!)

1 comment:

  1. ack! feel better, lover.
    those spring things make my fingers itch for bare legs and sun.


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