Sunday, January 23, 2011

pie night

apparently pie parties are a christmas tradition i was unaware of, so i missed the proverbial boat when it came to throwing one last month.  but i wasn't especially interested in pie until we watched all of pushing daisies in a few big bites recently.  after seeing photos of others' holiday pie parties, and nearly coming to tears from graham cracker crust cravings thanks to netflix, i knew what i must do.  besides, january needs more parties.  the people voted, and the berry cobbler took home first prize, followed by the french silk and strawberry lemonade pies which tied for second.  but anyone who's willing to bake a pie, bring it to me, and leave the leftovers for me to reheat for breakfast is a winner in my book.
 "how much longer do i have to wait, lady?"


  1. If you crave graham cracker crust, may I suggest Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream? I buy it, then only eat the graham cracker swirl, then throw the rest away. S'mores has it too, but for some reason it's not as good.

  2. wow!
    also, i love your friends sweater, is it handmade i wonder?

  3. pie night has to be the greatest idea of all time. i am so hungry now.

  4. oh whitney, don't tell me that! there's no way i'd throw the rest away, and i'm only having celery for dessert for the next month after saturday night anyway.

  5. i need a pie party, pronto!
    i will also take a slice of the key lime and your sweater, thank you.


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