Monday, February 28, 2011

pale ale

it's been a few months, but our wimpy excuse for a winter has come and gone, so i dropped an un-subtle hint to my friend sarah that we were ready for another invitation out on their boat.  two saturdays in a row spent gazing upon our st. johns river?  a girl could get used to this.  though in case it's not evident from the few photos of myself scattered around this blog, i am the fairest of them all.  PALE, that is.  so i douse myself in even more sunscreen than i wear on a normal day (it's already in my moisturizer, my makeup for those days that i make a lackadaisical attempt to wear any, my shampoo, and probably my toothpaste), and don a floppy, camping-appropriate, and completely uncute hat to shield my face from the sun.  for someone who really loves spending time outdoors, i was not blessed with the skin to do so.  but, man, nothing's going to stop me from moments like these.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

bee's knees

oops!  i have been absent from this little blog all week.  it's been an ordinary monday through friday, with one small exception.  monday night we decided to savor the long weekend with one more bike ride, and while grabbing them from the backyard i noticed what looked like several moths swarming around in this hazy ray of sunlight.  i showed R and he immediately said, "those are bees!"  a honeycomb had fallen from a tree and broken on the ground in our yard!  FORTY THOUSAND BEES.  forty thousand bees were in a pile on the ground, humming and buzzing and wondering what the hell was going on.  (we skipped the backyard bike retrieval, and bolted!)  what do you do when that happens?!  a beekeeper was called and she came and carefully removed the hive and the colony and promised to help them rebuild their shaken up lives.  the experience inspired me to watch that blind melon video on youtube for kicks.  you know the one.

photo above is completely unrelated, but it's another favorite dress i'm parting with, and i want to look at it here anytime i miss it.

Monday, February 21, 2011


saturday was so perfect for faux curry chicken salad sandwich eating, scrabble playing, story telling, and lazing around shoeless by the water with good friends.  the first of the 2011 picnics!  picnics are my thingif it's possible to spend hours slowly snacking outdoors without getting frostbitten, i want to do it. i rationalize my absurd vintage dress collection with the notion that picnics are the perfect time to wear them.  i collect funny 70s print sheets from thrift stores expressly to lay them out in the park.  i've had picnics for every occasion- birthdays, holidays, meetings, even a housewarming party once! life is so ridiculous and busy, and finding time to just BE is such a treat; sitting among our very favorite people and clearing our minds of daily stressors.  who cares if we're really using our degrees when the breeze is on our face and a beer is in our hand?  life is good.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

florida february

oh, it is one of those weekends.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


happy president's day weekend!  treat yourself to a beer and a 'new' dress!  so much spring vintage added to my shop in the next few days... come see

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


it's only tuesday afternoon, but somehow it feels like the week's nearly over.  i'm tired!  'valentine's weekend' sounds kind of gross and suggests we were holed up in a petal-covered bed & breakfast for days (we weren't).  but!  i guess that's what we'll call the last few days, and they were nice.  i have a boyfriend who happens to play pranks on me on february 14th (as of this year at least), and i wouldn't want it any other way.  i cruised through target this afternoon and was surprisingly disinterested in all the marked down hearts and candy, but pleased to see the beach stuff already creeping out.  valentine's day is sort of winter's grand finale, i think.  bring on the picnics!

i do want to rave about a little etsy shop i found while shopping for my valentine.  i found a set of hand-painted dessert plates with different smiths lyrics on each one.  what?!  they're so silly and beautiful, and you all must check out this chicago-based artist's shop- a quartzy life.

Monday, February 14, 2011


R's creepy purikura eyes are wishing you you a happy valentine's day.  kisses!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

trow time

blogger tells me this is my 100th post!  i couldn't decide on a significant enough topic to write about, but i do have some wonderfully significant old photos to share.  here are some more favorites of my family (dad's side!)... needless to say i am obsessed with every single article of clothing below!
1. probably my favorite-ever photo: my dad's parents at their home in upstate new york in the mid-50s.  2. my great-grandmother, grandpa, aunt, and grandma at my dad's college graduation right here in jacksonville.  don't even need to tell you: late 70's!  (my sister wears that pretty mint dress today, and i JUST realized gramma jo's carrying one of these.)  3. my parents, somewhere cold, just after they were married in december 1977.  4. and the photo that's been tormenting me since christmas... me in our front yard in hawaii, 1985.  (look at my personalized knee socks!)  R saw this photo over the holidays and has been calling me "alien baby" ever since.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

heart attack

things are getting pretty sweet around here.  the weekend was cold and rainy, but full of lovely surprises.  donuts for dinner one night (and before you wag your finger at me, i've decided only to run on dunkin' during various holidays, because i cave for cute.  see: halloween and veteran's day).  really wonderful treats arrived in the mail: the much-blogged heart clip i ordered, and even better, a pair of moccasins i'd been lusting after for months... that i DIDN'T order.  my sweet friend whitney found them on super sale in new york and mailed them to me- best ever surprise!  lots of odds and ends were taken care of this weekend too, like loads of laundry and a pile of dresses added to the shop (including a favorite from my collection that i'm reluctant to part with.  be proud of me).  birthday gifts were wrapped for the FOUR dear friends who'll be celebrating their special days this week.  four!  {happy birthday brie, stedman, colleen, and christy!}  lots of birthdays make for a fun week ahead; enjoy yours!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

get girly

lots of pretty vintage dresses added to the shop this weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

love boat

now i'm ready.  possibly because it's february and i'm feeling valentiney and romantic, i'm ready to paste these images into this electronic scrapbook o'mine.  pages from lauren moffatt's aptly-named spring 2011 lookbook, 'the honeymooner and what she packed'.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


the month of the "holiday" that's a total bust, but a perfect reason to stock up on heart-shaped everything.  welcome!
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