Saturday, February 26, 2011

bee's knees

oops!  i have been absent from this little blog all week.  it's been an ordinary monday through friday, with one small exception.  monday night we decided to savor the long weekend with one more bike ride, and while grabbing them from the backyard i noticed what looked like several moths swarming around in this hazy ray of sunlight.  i showed R and he immediately said, "those are bees!"  a honeycomb had fallen from a tree and broken on the ground in our yard!  FORTY THOUSAND BEES.  forty thousand bees were in a pile on the ground, humming and buzzing and wondering what the hell was going on.  (we skipped the backyard bike retrieval, and bolted!)  what do you do when that happens?!  a beekeeper was called and she came and carefully removed the hive and the colony and promised to help them rebuild their shaken up lives.  the experience inspired me to watch that blind melon video on youtube for kicks.  you know the one.

photo above is completely unrelated, but it's another favorite dress i'm parting with, and i want to look at it here anytime i miss it.


  1. i always have fantastical dreams of becoming a bee keeper...bottling up my own honey...having the suit and hat and all. but then i remember that i'm terrified of bees.

  2. i wanted to take a photo of the bee pile SO badly, but there was just no way.


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