Monday, February 7, 2011

heart attack

things are getting pretty sweet around here.  the weekend was cold and rainy, but full of lovely surprises.  donuts for dinner one night (and before you wag your finger at me, i've decided only to run on dunkin' during various holidays, because i cave for cute.  see: halloween and veteran's day).  really wonderful treats arrived in the mail: the much-blogged heart clip i ordered, and even better, a pair of moccasins i'd been lusting after for months... that i DIDN'T order.  my sweet friend whitney found them on super sale in new york and mailed them to me- best ever surprise!  lots of odds and ends were taken care of this weekend too, like loads of laundry and a pile of dresses added to the shop (including a favorite from my collection that i'm reluctant to part with.  be proud of me).  birthday gifts were wrapped for the FOUR dear friends who'll be celebrating their special days this week.  four!  {happy birthday brie, stedman, colleen, and christy!}  lots of birthdays make for a fun week ahead; enjoy yours!

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