Monday, February 28, 2011

pale ale

it's been a few months, but our wimpy excuse for a winter has come and gone, so i dropped an un-subtle hint to my friend sarah that we were ready for another invitation out on their boat.  two saturdays in a row spent gazing upon our st. johns river?  a girl could get used to this.  though in case it's not evident from the few photos of myself scattered around this blog, i am the fairest of them all.  PALE, that is.  so i douse myself in even more sunscreen than i wear on a normal day (it's already in my moisturizer, my makeup for those days that i make a lackadaisical attempt to wear any, my shampoo, and probably my toothpaste), and don a floppy, camping-appropriate, and completely uncute hat to shield my face from the sun.  for someone who really loves spending time outdoors, i was not blessed with the skin to do so.  but, man, nothing's going to stop me from moments like these.

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, I am the most pale person around too! Like sometimes I swear I scare people. haha! At least we will look good when we are 60!


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