Monday, February 21, 2011


saturday was so perfect for faux curry chicken salad sandwich eating, scrabble playing, story telling, and lazing around shoeless by the water with good friends.  the first of the 2011 picnics!  picnics are my thingif it's possible to spend hours slowly snacking outdoors without getting frostbitten, i want to do it. i rationalize my absurd vintage dress collection with the notion that picnics are the perfect time to wear them.  i collect funny 70s print sheets from thrift stores expressly to lay them out in the park.  i've had picnics for every occasion- birthdays, holidays, meetings, even a housewarming party once! life is so ridiculous and busy, and finding time to just BE is such a treat; sitting among our very favorite people and clearing our minds of daily stressors.  who cares if we're really using our degrees when the breeze is on our face and a beer is in our hand?  life is good.


  1. i have that exact animal sheet!
    i'm so bummed about the weather. three days ago i was fine in a hoodie and now it's snowing like CRAZY. i can't wait for spring and picnics!

  2. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon - picnicking and scrabbling :) Love it! Can't wait for it to warm up where I live!

  3. oh my, did i need this! it's snowy here i'm going to just plop myself down, ask one of your friends to scootch over a bit, and join you.
    i'm also going to ask you if we can clothes-swap for a bit.


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