Tuesday, February 15, 2011


it's only tuesday afternoon, but somehow it feels like the week's nearly over.  i'm tired!  'valentine's weekend' sounds kind of gross and suggests we were holed up in a petal-covered bed & breakfast for days (we weren't).  but!  i guess that's what we'll call the last few days, and they were nice.  i have a boyfriend who happens to play pranks on me on february 14th (as of this year at least), and i wouldn't want it any other way.  i cruised through target this afternoon and was surprisingly disinterested in all the marked down hearts and candy, but pleased to see the beach stuff already creeping out.  valentine's day is sort of winter's grand finale, i think.  bring on the picnics!

i do want to rave about a little etsy shop i found while shopping for my valentine.  i found a set of hand-painted dessert plates with different smiths lyrics on each one.  what?!  they're so silly and beautiful, and you all must check out this chicago-based artist's shop- a quartzy life.

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