Saturday, February 12, 2011

trow time

blogger tells me this is my 100th post!  i couldn't decide on a significant enough topic to write about, but i do have some wonderfully significant old photos to share.  here are some more favorites of my family (dad's side!)... needless to say i am obsessed with every single article of clothing below!
1. probably my favorite-ever photo: my dad's parents at their home in upstate new york in the mid-50s.  2. my great-grandmother, grandpa, aunt, and grandma at my dad's college graduation right here in jacksonville.  don't even need to tell you: late 70's!  (my sister wears that pretty mint dress today, and i JUST realized gramma jo's carrying one of these.)  3. my parents, somewhere cold, just after they were married in december 1977.  4. and the photo that's been tormenting me since christmas... me in our front yard in hawaii, 1985.  (look at my personalized knee socks!)  R saw this photo over the holidays and has been calling me "alien baby" ever since.

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