Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ship shape

ever true to my country- or maybe just my inner sailor- reds, whites, and blues are prevalent in my wardrobe, especially now that we're welcoming warm weather and bare legs.  nothing's going to stop me from buying another perfect navy and white striped shirt, and any time i'm offered a choice of colors, the answer is always "red."  a couple of these items are already staples of mine, and a couple are just far-off wishes.  (the hasbeens for example, which i'd love to one day own, but after an hour of walking in would undoubtedly trade out for the $200 cheaper saltwaters tucked away in my tote.)  i once convinced my pal jason to have a nautical-themed joint birthday party with me, just so i could wear a vintage sailor dress i'd thrifted!  hehe.

Monday, March 28, 2011

wentworth it!

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of sugar and spice for a moment of testosterone and shanking.  sorry.  a week ago we started watching prison break per the recommendation of another blogger who is just as into pretty florals and photo-worthy desserts as i am.  should i confess that we watched season one's 22 episodes in one week?  if i do,  can we plea bargain?  so far, so good.  what other random mid-2000s television shows should i know about?  do tell!  netflix streaming is a blessing. (though all the blockbusters closing in town beg to differ.)

Friday, March 25, 2011


really really loving these (and all other) images from all for everyone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


givin' it up to my cat-loving friend sarah for alerting me to her, and now my, new favorite iphone app.  CAT PAINT.  worth the 99 cents?  uh, yeah.  (and yes, that's my mini meow appropriately showcased.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

jock jams

let's see.  if you've been following this sporadically-updated diary of mine, you without a doubt know that i'm a girl who likes vintage, cats, and a good vegetarian meal prepared by anyone other than myself.  brace yourself for a whole new dimension.  (ready?)  NBA fan.  specifically, the orlando magic.  friday night R and i ventured to orlando to meet up with my uncle and cousin and see the magic take on the denver nuggets (sans carmelo, c'est la vie).  highlights include: $13 cocktails from a bar atop the magic's swank new arena overlooking the orlando skyline, really excellent seats and the addition of the word 'loge' to my personal vernacular, witnessing dwight howard's nature-defying shoulders in person, and most importantly- this incredible game-winning shot.  in case i've lost you, non-jock reader, just enjoy the pretty shades of blue in the photos below and rest easy knowing my weekend ruled.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

in bloom

spring is officially here!  and thank goodness, because the only thing that makes my girl happier than her favorite toy is an open window.

Monday, March 14, 2011


during breakfast saturday morning, my iphone chimed its special paypal chime, and with wide eyes i whispered to R, "i just had my 200th etsy sale."  while 200 sales isn't anything monumental for an actual business, it's pretty exciting to me since peddling vintage online is totally a spare-time hobby of mine.  to think about finding, photographing, and shipping two hundred vintage dresses or blouses or bags or shoes... just for fun?  i'm into it!  (i often forget i sold a bunch on ebay years ago too, but i never kept track.)  your grandma's cardigan has probably passed through my hands at some point over the last decade!

cute and thrifty blogger lauren posted photos of a dress she recently snagged from my shop.  that dress has definitely found its rightful home, huh?  makes me happy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


there's been a whole lot of this going on in my life this week.  we've had this awesome freaks and geeks complete series yearbook for almost three years and it's finally getting some love.  because!  my very lovely friend B turns 30 today (happy birthday!), and is throwing a gnarly 1981-style kegger to celebrate tomorrow night.  we're promised the beer won't be non-alcoholic.  i'm probably too excited, but my decade-long james franco crush originated here, and i can't wait to see all my girls with center parts.  sadly, to dress as millie i didn't have to buy a single thing...

Monday, March 7, 2011

precious moments

i stumbled upon one of sandrine castellan's portfolio images while playing on pinterest this weekend, and had to see if these miniature fashionistas (i hate that word) were for real.  all these littles are so adorably dressed and probably throw the hippest tea parties on the block.  expect to see me at the bar saturday night in an outfit heavily influenced by one of these kindergartners.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

spring fling

lately jude's favorite spot is the top of our dresser.  she likes to perch herself up there and survey the state of the bedroom (which was spring cleaned last weekend!  clutter-free bedrooms are so peaceful).  do you cat lovers out there know about the fling-ama-string?  my god... it's the cat toy to end all cat toys.  (watch here!)  my parents gave one to jude for christmas and she is still obsessed with it, three months later.  this morning we watched an old iphone video of her playing with it for the first time; when she heard the fling's motor on the video, her ears perked and she tried to flip the phone over to unearth her favorite toy.  love that good girl.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

etsy: rosiemusic

love all the well-dressed animal portraits in etsy shop rosie music!  
this sexy-secretary feline might be finding a home on my workshop wall very soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


most girls who dress themselves in nearly head-to-toe thrifted garb probably don't feel too strongly about red carpet fashion (or maybe i'm just speaking for myself).  but!  two dresses that popped on screen during sunday night's oscars had me completely lose focus on the girl talk and wine i was sharing with my friend colleen.  in fact, at the same moment we proclaimed that we'd "get married in" melissa leo's marc bouwer dress.  (this image is going into an inspiration book immediately.)  and cate blanchett's givenchy couture gown?  i'd wear it ALWAYS if it were mine.  (the back?!?)  incidentally, when i was surfin' the net for photos of these two dresses, i noticed both ladies made just about everyone's worst-dressed list.  no way, jose.

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