Monday, March 14, 2011


during breakfast saturday morning, my iphone chimed its special paypal chime, and with wide eyes i whispered to R, "i just had my 200th etsy sale."  while 200 sales isn't anything monumental for an actual business, it's pretty exciting to me since peddling vintage online is totally a spare-time hobby of mine.  to think about finding, photographing, and shipping two hundred vintage dresses or blouses or bags or shoes... just for fun?  i'm into it!  (i often forget i sold a bunch on ebay years ago too, but i never kept track.)  your grandma's cardigan has probably passed through my hands at some point over the last decade!

cute and thrifty blogger lauren posted photos of a dress she recently snagged from my shop.  that dress has definitely found its rightful home, huh?  makes me happy.


  1. congratulations, love!
    i truly adore your taste and style...

  2. congrats 200 is amazing!
    & i know how much work it is too.


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