Monday, March 21, 2011

jock jams

let's see.  if you've been following this sporadically-updated diary of mine, you without a doubt know that i'm a girl who likes vintage, cats, and a good vegetarian meal prepared by anyone other than myself.  brace yourself for a whole new dimension.  (ready?)  NBA fan.  specifically, the orlando magic.  friday night R and i ventured to orlando to meet up with my uncle and cousin and see the magic take on the denver nuggets (sans carmelo, c'est la vie).  highlights include: $13 cocktails from a bar atop the magic's swank new arena overlooking the orlando skyline, really excellent seats and the addition of the word 'loge' to my personal vernacular, witnessing dwight howard's nature-defying shoulders in person, and most importantly- this incredible game-winning shot.  in case i've lost you, non-jock reader, just enjoy the pretty shades of blue in the photos below and rest easy knowing my weekend ruled.

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