Tuesday, March 1, 2011


most girls who dress themselves in nearly head-to-toe thrifted garb probably don't feel too strongly about red carpet fashion (or maybe i'm just speaking for myself).  but!  two dresses that popped on screen during sunday night's oscars had me completely lose focus on the girl talk and wine i was sharing with my friend colleen.  in fact, at the same moment we proclaimed that we'd "get married in" melissa leo's marc bouwer dress.  (this image is going into an inspiration book immediately.)  and cate blanchett's givenchy couture gown?  i'd wear it ALWAYS if it were mine.  (the back?!?)  incidentally, when i was surfin' the net for photos of these two dresses, i noticed both ladies made just about everyone's worst-dressed list.  no way, jose.


  1. Have to agree with Melissa Leo on the worst dressed list - it didn't do anything for her. Though it was not the worst dress.

    Loved the Givenchy but it seemed odd on Cate Blanchett, too! Would have rather seen it on January Jones. (Minus the sleeves.)

    Also would have rather seen JJ in Nicole Kidman's Dior.

  2. i'm still dreaming of that givenchy gown. geesh! and did you see the way it swirled and plumed around her as she walked out to present? oh my oh my!

  3. OBSESSED with cate blanchett's gown. i included her in my blog about my oscar favs too :) http://pointclickenjoy.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-favorite-oscar-fashions.html

  4. whit! i stand by my love for that dress. i'll give you that the full-body shots aren't breathtaking, but from the waist up it was so pretty in that oscar-winning glow. i didn't know you had a girl crush on january...

    katie and sarah- that gown is so amazing... and the rest of that collection hurts so good.

  5. I adored our Cate's dress. The girl has true style. Pruxxx


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