Monday, March 28, 2011

wentworth it!

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of sugar and spice for a moment of testosterone and shanking.  sorry.  a week ago we started watching prison break per the recommendation of another blogger who is just as into pretty florals and photo-worthy desserts as i am.  should i confess that we watched season one's 22 episodes in one week?  if i do,  can we plea bargain?  so far, so good.  what other random mid-2000s television shows should i know about?  do tell!  netflix streaming is a blessing. (though all the blockbusters closing in town beg to differ.)


  1. Kristin told me to watch that! (I haven't yet.)

  2. the Wire
    the Riches
    Friday Night Lights!!!!

  3. ooooh lauren we loved the wire. i have heard so many people lovin' on friday night lights-- it might be next up! i trust you on all things television.

  4. friday night lights is really, really great. it's character driven so you get very invested in those people! i am so sad it's ending soon. please share my love for all things tim riggins. he will grow on you. as will his brother billy.

    and coach taylor is the most incredible. as is his wife. ugh love that show.


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