Thursday, April 21, 2011

sunshine state

florida, you're so good to me.  the past few weeks have been filled with sandy beaches, late sunsets, short dresses, and sandal-ready painted toes.  and so many amazing friends.  yesterday over lunch-time beers and margaritas, i decided "when i'm old" i want to live in the keys.  i'm pale as the moon, but the idea of retiring in a hammock under the sun, with the gentle crash of waves providing the soundtrack to my book-reading?  that's heaven.  it's in my blood.  i was born a florida girl, and i'll always be one.  that said, it's time to go somewhere snowy.  i spent the entirety of my twenties in florida, and i'm feeling ready to spend my thirties somewhere new.  lots of somewheres.  so now, in this moment, i'm soaking it all up.  playing tourist, enjoying a tropical beverage more often than usual, and combing these amazing thrift stores harder than ever before.

1 comment:

  1. love!
    i can't wait to see where the wind takes you!


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