Tuesday, May 31, 2011

vacation instagrams

lots of sunshine, thrifting, and the occasional trip to 7eleven for a slurpee (there aren't any 7elevens in jacksonville!!!!). not pictured: lots of groans from my brother as i steal the remote to catch up on any show with "wives" in the title (right now i'm partial to 'mob wives').  sorry for all the instagram photos lately, but my iphone's been with me when my camera hasn't... and let's face it, instagram is addicting.

ps- now you can follow my vintage shop & blog on twitter!

Friday, May 27, 2011

fin land

you can laugh!  but deep down we both know it's only to mask your burning jealousy.  ha!  anyone else out there raised on jimmy buffett?  family road trips soundtracked by 'cheeseburger in paradise' on cassette didn't necessarily shape my personal music taste much, but i jumped at the chance to experience the concert my parents have sworn by for thirty years.  plus, i suspect my dad got a kick out of seeing his girls singing along, beers in hand.  that said, i'm off to find some greasy breakfast to nurse this parrothead hangover of mine.  happy memorial day weekend to you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


if it seems as though this space has turned into a once-weekly shop advertisement and little more, it's for good reason. i've been sort of selling clothes online "full-time" for the past couple of weeks. the problem with me and vacation is that i don't function well without responsibilities (see also: income generation). and making sure my corona bottles make it into a recycling bin is not enough responsibility! so in addition to enjoying a few island beers here and there ('here' being the pool, and 'there' being the beach), i've found every thrift store in the tri-city area and i've found them to be excellent. but rest assured, it's not all work and no play for this vacationing lady. tonight i've got sold out tickets to see... jimmy buffett. if anyone can convince me that i should relish the sand between my toes and forget pounding the pavement, it's him.

in the meantime, remember my online garage sale here, and please check out my hugely updated vintage shop here!  to celebrate summer, get 15% off your total purchase: use code BBQ15 at checkout!  xo

Friday, May 20, 2011

birthday girl!

today is jude's second birthday!  i had to pop in to tell the world that my favorite feline is two years old today!  i'm sure every pet's mama and papa celebrate their birthdays somehow, but jude's is especially memorable for us.  afterall, her birth was a true instance of raining cats and dogs!  (story here!)  we know our girl's seriously special, and she's shown us just how much our lives were lacking without a pet to love on.  it goes without saying that i'm bummed to be away from her today, but as soon as she's back in my arms she's getting the royal treatment.  another birthday party, perhaps?
mercedes, me, and four-week-old baby J.
top photo sent to me by ali, who's watching our girl while we're away.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


fashion really is so cyclical, and i'm constantly reminded of that when i'm out treasure hunting.  anytime i see something on the runway that i really like, i have such fun keeping it in mind while thrifting.  i often wonder if i'll always prefer to wear mostly vintage, or if one day when i'm rollin' in the dough i'll fill my closet with whatever current designer pieces my heart desires.  something tells me i'll love wearing the old stuff for the rest of my life.  i've spent plenty of time ogling deyrolle pour opening ceremony's animal prints, but window shopping is as far as it's going (for now).  imagine my glee when i found this vintage maxi skirt while thrifting today!  alas, not my size... to the shop it goes!

Friday, May 6, 2011


on vacation all this month and missin' my girlcat!
her paws are in good hands though!
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