Friday, May 20, 2011

birthday girl!

today is jude's second birthday!  i had to pop in to tell the world that my favorite feline is two years old today!  i'm sure every pet's mama and papa celebrate their birthdays somehow, but jude's is especially memorable for us.  afterall, her birth was a true instance of raining cats and dogs!  (story here!)  we know our girl's seriously special, and she's shown us just how much our lives were lacking without a pet to love on.  it goes without saying that i'm bummed to be away from her today, but as soon as she's back in my arms she's getting the royal treatment.  another birthday party, perhaps?
mercedes, me, and four-week-old baby J.
top photo sent to me by ali, who's watching our girl while we're away.


  1. Aw! Happy birthday, Jude! You would think that I would celebrate my cats' birthdays, but I don't actually know when they are! And I just read (re-read?) about how you rescued the cat family... so sweet! That was so rad of you.

  2. how cute! the picture on top is a great photo! I love her tag too. I'd love to get one of those for my dog!


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