Thursday, May 26, 2011


if it seems as though this space has turned into a once-weekly shop advertisement and little more, it's for good reason. i've been sort of selling clothes online "full-time" for the past couple of weeks. the problem with me and vacation is that i don't function well without responsibilities (see also: income generation). and making sure my corona bottles make it into a recycling bin is not enough responsibility! so in addition to enjoying a few island beers here and there ('here' being the pool, and 'there' being the beach), i've found every thrift store in the tri-city area and i've found them to be excellent. but rest assured, it's not all work and no play for this vacationing lady. tonight i've got sold out tickets to see... jimmy buffett. if anyone can convince me that i should relish the sand between my toes and forget pounding the pavement, it's him.

in the meantime, remember my online garage sale here, and please check out my hugely updated vintage shop here!  to celebrate summer, get 15% off your total purchase: use code BBQ15 at checkout!  xo


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