Tuesday, June 28, 2011

shop girl

aaaaaand, i'm spent!  the shop is about as stocked as it's gonna be until nomad summer 2011 reaches its final resting place.  (more on that soon!) i'm seriously digging everything in the store right now, and i'm not-so-secretly hoping to reach my 300th etsy sale by summer's end.  i've offered my twitter pals 20% off, and since i love my blog readers the most, it's only fair you get the secret code too.  (it's TWEET.) (but still- follow us on twitter!  @stylebookshop)

Monday, June 27, 2011

shelley's 26!

saturday was my sister's 26th birthday!  we threw a nice little shin-dig for her, and all her sweet hometown friends kept me laughing the whole night.  the last few weeks have been so awesome; i never see my siblings.  we all live in different states (one of us on the opposite coast)- so this bit of time we've had to hang out together has been pretty fun.  especially since the baby on the right with the gnarly 'stache just turned 21 last month.  and speaking of birthdays, i've got less than three weeks 'til the big 3-0...

Friday, June 24, 2011


a few more instagrams!  the highlights obviously being the amazingly perfect vintage loafers my sister and i each found at different salvation army stores wednesday (half-off day, ya'll!), and my new jude pillow by papersparrow!  oh, what's that?  you're questioning my affection for mob wives?  i wouldn't if i were you... drita reads my blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

grey gardens

earlier this week i spent a lovely day at the botanical gardens with my brother and sister.  our parents instilled a serious tourist (nerd) bug in my sister and me.  my brother?  he likes to come along for the ride (to tease us as we pull camera after camera from our bags).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

hi cupcake

color, flowers, everywhere!  lately i've been a bracelet making, skirt selling, garden visiting, party planning, shoe buying, cupcake eating... fool?  no way.

Monday, June 20, 2011


i'm by no stretch of the imagination a cinema buff, but i love a great movie as much as the next gal.  isn't it special when a film really resonates with you?  by now, mentioning amélie is about as interesting as bragging about your criterion dvd collection or chatting about your fondness for wes anderson, but guess what?  that movie moved me.  i was 20,  home visiting (washington d.c.) from college, and grabbed dinner downtown with my long lost high school boyfriend.  post twinkle light lit indian, a few-block stroll landed us in front of the historic and very special avalon theater.  suddenly i was face-to-face with that quintessential audrey tautou poster.  i begged old boyfriend to see this movie i'd read about somewhere.  it hadn't been released many places in the u.s. yet, but somehow i'd caught wind of it and knew i needed to see it.  and... i did.  i remember literally skipping through dupont circle after it was over, sure that my silly dresses and funny haircut now had meaning.  (remember... i was 20.)  i went back to florida and dragged every friend i had to see it when it was finally released in our city.  i saw it five times in the theater!  then-- the dvd was released on my 21st birthday!  i just knew it was fate.

when i first started writing here, i wanted to keep it a light and happy space for things that give me a little bit of joy.  i knew eventually i'd get around to grabbing images from my favorite movie.  and now that the blogs are a-buzz with dreams of paris, thanks to the amazing trip to be won on oh happy day, i think it's the perfect time to smile back at mademoiselle poulain.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

cat's knees

i've been sort of worried about how i'm going to handle the weather in my (top secret) new locale this winter, but then i saw rachel antonoff's fall '11 lookbook!  all i need to shield me from the snow?  some cat tights!
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