Thursday, June 2, 2011

bad habits

ladies, does this happen to you?  do you fall in love with a pair of shoes and suddenly "need" every color?  or maybe it's the perfect fitting tee, longest lasting lipstick, whatever.  i hadn't really realized how guilty i was of this until the major wardrobe comb-through of '11 (the only benefit to moving house).  so i'm looking at these toms and feeling alright about it since i'm promised four little kids in a far-off land now have shoes too (between R and me- it's eight or ten little kids), but it gets me thinking about my habits in general.  maybe i need to get a little more adventurous where my feet aren't concerned.  any time i go to a thai restaurant in any city in the world, i order pad see ew with tofu.  i don't even look at anything else on the menu.  chipotle?  forget it- my burrito bowl order is down to a science.  when i go to the movies i automatically head for the center two seats, third row up.  hell, i've been using the same moisturizer since i was 15.  i could regale you with a zillion other examples of things i do on the regular.  is it okay to be a creature of habit, or am i missing out on life?   i don't mean to get all carrie bradshaw contemplative on you.  really i just have too many shoes.

(oh!  but remember the episode where miranda has to do some self introspection because she kept ordering the same chinese takeout every night?!)


  1. haha- i am like this too. and i'm envying your saltwater stash. im really wanting navy right now. but i'm trying to make myself get another type of shoe. ?? maybe?

  2. well i'll let you in on my secret! this sweet lady sells them for super cheap! but if you find cuter navy sandals elsewhere, tell me! or maybe you shouldn't...

  3. I do it, too! Get the same things at restaurants, sit in the same seats at church every week, buy the same kind of bread. Heck, for a while ABC Family was playing Full House for an hour every day at noon, so I would set aside that hour to watch it--every single day (the beauty of working from home). Even if something else was on that I wanted to watch.

    I have about a billion of the same t-shirts and tank tops in different colors. I haven't gotten that way with shoes yet, though...

  4. Oh those sandals!! So colourful!!

  5. I wish I could find my favourite sandals in more colours.


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