Friday, June 17, 2011


this heat's got me thinking pink againmy summer uniform thus far has been short shorts and cute tees or little boys' oxford shirts... all wrapped up in some obnoxious print mixing.  (i talk a big story about my vintage sundress addiction, and then i survey what's really in my weekly laundry pile.)  i probably haven't worn a closed toe shoe since march, and my feet have seen at least twelve crazy shades of polish.  i love it.  and to further accessorize, i've been learning some pretty fierce friendship bracelet techniques from cool 12-year-old girls on youtube (excited to tackle this DIY!). as usual, the above collage is a mix of things i own and things on my yeah right wishlist.  (you're probably wondering if i'd wear all that stuff together.  oh.  i would.)  everyone should invest in that glass water bottle (i swear by it)!  those silly pink jellies?  save those for me.

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