Monday, June 27, 2011

shelley's 26!

saturday was my sister's 26th birthday!  we threw a nice little shin-dig for her, and all her sweet hometown friends kept me laughing the whole night.  the last few weeks have been so awesome; i never see my siblings.  we all live in different states (one of us on the opposite coast)- so this bit of time we've had to hang out together has been pretty fun.  especially since the baby on the right with the gnarly 'stache just turned 21 last month.  and speaking of birthdays, i've got less than three weeks 'til the big 3-0...


  1. happy birthday, sister!
    you look beautiful, lady. sibling time does you real good. haha.


  2. wow now that your bro is 21 i feel less grody saying he is hot. especially since he is way hotter than he was like uh....6 years ago?
    you and shelley look fabulous.

  3. you ladies look as beautiful as ever...IS THAT YOUR BROTHER? he looks like a grown ass man.


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