Saturday, July 16, 2011

birthday woman

it's my 30th!  i know it's totally not the big deal it used to be (i remember decorating for my aunt's 30th with "over the hill" balloons and a rented wheel chair...), but it's still sorta noteworthy, yeah?  i'm miles away from where i thought i'd be when i was 12 and envisioning my future.  no husband, no kids, no homeowning.  (12-year-old me was certain i'd be married to joey lawrence- dodged that bullet!)  i think for ME, entering this new chapter as a true tax-filing independent is pretty perfect.  my first thirty years have been so badass, and i suspect things are only going to get better.  my great grandmother turned 99 last week.  30's nothing!


  1. Happy birthday!!! That's so awesome! You're right- every year is just going to get better and better :) I hope you have a great time celebrating!

  2. i adore you, through and through. 60 year old marissa is going to love rereading this after all the sights she's seen.
    happy birthday, my girl!


  3. happy 30th sweetie!xox
    30s nothing i'm turning 36 soon, gulp...

  4. Amazing picture. Wish I could have celebrated with you!

  5. welcome to your 30s! i recently turned 33 and have to say, each year in this decade has been more amazing than the last.


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