Thursday, July 14, 2011


the chrysler museum of art in downtown norfolk is one of my all-time favorite places.  it's so intimate, yet so easy to get lost in.  the colors, the temperature, the lighting: every detail envelops you and sends a gentle reminder that much more of your free time should be spent inside museums.  (tsk tsk!)  it's sort of a prerequisite for me to wear something flowy and girly each time i visit, because everything about this place makes me revel in my femininity.  sunday's stroll through chrysler did not disappoint, but it did whet my appetite for the alexander mcqueen exhibit at the met (which is where this traveling lady will be at 9:30 on the dot tomorrow morning!).
(shelley took that last one.  we have roughly 6000 photo-of-a-photo-taker shots in our combined repertoire.)


  1. If that's you in that last photo....I LOVE your skirt!

  2. oh wow. love, love these photos. absolutely lovely. what a lovely way to spend a day.


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