Wednesday, July 13, 2011

etsy: good night, day

i've got two favorite knitters in this world, and i've mentioned them both a zillion times in this blog's lifespan: my sister shelley, and my e-sister tara-lynn.  when i received one of tara-lynn's cambridge cowls earlier this year, it pretty much solidified my decision to pack up my life head for colder climates so i could wear it all the time.  (sayonara, florida!)  and in true soul sister fashion, she just launched a new line this week!  so while i sneakily collect vintage coats in july when no one else is looking, i'm also setting my sights on the gorgeous pieces in the good night, day collection.

what i find especially lovely about this collection is all the thought that's gone into it.  as always, each piece is designed and handknit by tara-lynn.  she's used handspun and naturally dyed wools from uruguay, and even dip-dyed selected pieces herself (she had me at one-of-a-kind).  i love her eye, and i'll say it again: KNITTERS ARE GENIUSES.  especially this girl.


  1. LOVE that navy sweater, LOVE. maybe need to have it. and... i don't hate the halter tops?

  2. molly, i suspect you'd rock the hell out of that halter top.

  3. thanks again! & i wear my own halter under a sheer blouse, its perfect for that.


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