Wednesday, July 13, 2011

flower child

i spent a long time looking at the dress above when i found it on a recent buying excursion.  honestly, i probably studied it- head cocked, eyes squinted- for a full seven minutes.  then i decided, "if it's still here next time, it's meant to be."  and it was.  it's beautiful, it's so flattering on (almost sexy?!), and yet, i can't do it.  the first two images have lingered with me since seeing them on favorite blogs in recent months (the man repeller & fieldguided, respectively), so i know there's a pretty girl out there somewhere who wants to wrap herself in 90s floral.  me?  this purchase last summer has resulted in ONE wear.  (i love looking at them, but i blame july 2010's incessant daria watching for even planting the seed.)

point is, if you or someone you love wants this dress, it's in the shop.


  1. Aww, there's a special place in my heart for large floral prints! There are so many photos of my sister and I dressed in them when we were younger, and so I think the dress above is very cute! I say, if it's affordable and you think you may get a few wears out of it, go for it! If only for nostalgia's sake :)

  2. my friends make those swimsuits! they don't only do florals if that's not what you're into

    i really like that dress


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