Tuesday, July 5, 2011

say what?!

today is my brother-in-law's birthday!  he's in monrovia, liberia all summer doing amazing and HARD work (an internship for his graduate program), while we're sunning ourselves on the beach and treating ourselves to pizza (and running water for that matter) whenever we want.  he's a good apple; my sister truly found her match when she met him!  but having me as a sister-in-law, you can only imagine the sorts of gifts he receives.  case in point: the thrifted sweatshirt below that'll be gift wrapped and awaiting his return to the states.  there really are no words.


  1. that is basically the best shirt design i've ever seen.

  2. the TOESies!!!!!!!!!! Jane gets her toes cleaned by flying bears, too.

  3. that sweatshirt is INCREDIBLE. it's like..too awesome to actually exist.


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