Tuesday, July 26, 2011

yeah girl

coming to you from a 100+ heat index, clad in micro shorts, with the midi tune of the ice cream truck in the distance (NO, i did not bolt outside at the sound of its approach, thankyouverymuch).  i realize the impropriety of posting this much wool at a time like this, but don't we need to just look at it?  i've been unusually sleepy the past few days, laid up in bed with the overhead fan whirring and ally mcbeal streaming on my laptop (do we have her to blame for the micro-ness of these shorts?).  i decided to get adventurous and revisit some favorite designers' fall/winter '11 collections, to daydream about those days when we'll crunch through fallen leaves, smell rich people's fireplaces churning, and write about apple cider and pumpkins for two months straight.  not long now!  it's no secret that i love lauren moffatt, and i'll continue to fawn over her lookbooks here until she starts making ugly stuff or i stop blogging (the latter of which will surely come first).

1 comment:

  1. yeah. what is WRONG with us? i almost got heat stroke on the way home! also, i may or may not have ordered a bootleg version of ally mcbeal like 8 years ago online...


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