Monday, August 29, 2011


yesterday was the blog's birthday!  one year of boycotting capital letters!  one year of kitsch imagery!  i think we're going to pump things up around here during year two.  thanks for sticking around.

i'll be away from the computer all this week.  funny, since i've been extraordinarily glued to my iphone the last few days.  that once-overpriced kate spade case has a secret message inscribed inside that i peek at often.  have courage.  i'm going to muster up all mine, and share some good adventures with you when i return.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


time for another round of 'movies marissa could watch a zillion times'!  today's special?  desperately seeking susan.  i was a preschooler when it came out, and frankly, that was madonna's heyday.  (thought you guys would enjoy my young mother's choice of halloween costume for her four-year-old that year.)  i can't imagine that anyone out there has never seen this gem, but if you haven't, pour yourself a class of wine and settle in for a home pedicure while it's playing.  you'll become wistful for 1980s new york and increasingly interested in overweight earrings.  i'd give you a strong plot summary, but i've got amnesia.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


some really sweet new additions to the shop this week!  
oh yes, vintage sweater season is on the horizon.  
(i live for a decades-old sweater.)

Monday, August 22, 2011


i was recently telling someone about a certain dress from alexander mcqueen's spring 2005 ready-to-wear collection, and how i've thought about it every day for the last six years.  (it's this beauty.)  i'm sure you're thinking, "every day, marissa?  come on."  dude, when you don't have kids you have the luxury of sugarplum visions dancing through your head all the time.  (although coincidentally, when i was nannying a few years ago i kept mistakenly calling lightning mcqueen by said designer's name; it did NOT go over well with my 4-year-old charge.)  so when i went to see savage beauty at the met last month, i was hoping upon hope that my dream dress would be there.  it... was not.  but what was there, i lack the words to describe.  you've either seen the exhibit or seen the photos online, so you know.  it was dark, intense, magnificent, and my stomach was in my throat for the duration of my slow crawl through each room.  my friend brie forewarned me, "take your time.  there's so much to see."  and jason, who waited in the hour-long line for a second time just to keep me company, leaned down to whisper in my ear, "marissa, people are going to push you.  hold your ground."  grateful for my new yorkers' advice, i soaked it up and took all the time i wanted. at the exit, i did a little indecisive dance, but finally passed the point of no return once i saw that for a mere $45 i could take the entire show home with me.  this girl's a sucker for a coffee table book.  it's a bit nicer than the crappy printout of dreamdress that's been taped to my last four refrigerators.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


oh hello friends!  what's that?  you've been patiently awaiting a tour of my new place?  i'm not in it just yet, but here's a pinterest rendering of what i fully expect it to look like.  i'll go ahead and take those housewarming wine bottles off your hands now, since you carried them all this way.

Friday, August 19, 2011

the week

some work, some play.  (don't forget that thrifting all this cat stuff is work, people!)  and in case you missed it: i talked about sibling summer 2011 over on my girl katie's blog wednesday, and the half-off vintage sale is still going strong in my shop!  (use code 'fifty' at checkout!)  and in equally important news, this is my new favorite television show.  have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

oh come ON

these photos from the herfst winter 2011 lookbook are rivaling these for highest ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! quotient.  i can't take it.  i quit!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

surf's up

yay!  brother-in-law is back from liberia! we're having as many beach adventures as he can stand before he whisks my sister back to california saturday.  this week is pretty jam-packed, but it's worth it; who knows how long it'll be until we're all together again.

ps- see that 'no swearing' sign?  they're all over the beach!  this motley crew has no business in profanity-forbidden zones...
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