Sunday, August 14, 2011


i've had an amazingly fruitful summer where my wardrobe's concerned.  treasure hunting multiple days every week for the last twelve?  you can't imagine what i've scored.  when you're into vintage the way i am, constant closet shuffles are imperative.  as i bid adieu to my sweaters or sundresses to prepare for a new season, i spend a little too much time with each piece, deciding if i should pack it away or send it to a new home for someone else to love on.  years ago my little etsy shop was born from a need to purge my 75+ vintage dress collection (i wish i were telling you tales) before fleeing to a land of smaller closets.  but because i love the hunt so intensely, i'll probably never close up shop.  it's never been my full-time job and never will be, but it's my hobby and i'm pretty darn good at it. i love one-of-a-kind pieces with history and secrets and staying power.  i love-love finding gems that other girls are excited to wear.

that said, i've got nearly 100 pieces in the shop right now... 100 pieces that are not part of my own wardrobe.  i'm loathe to haul an extra wardrobe's worth with me to a land that's closetless entirely, so guess what?  you pay what i paid.  nothin'!  between now and whenever i change my mind, everything in the shop is half off.  that means: $5 tops, $10 dresses, and smiles all around.  use code FIFTY at checkout!  

and hey, thanks for reading.  you guys get sweeter by the day, i'm convinced.

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