Thursday, August 4, 2011


yes i have an entire pinboard entitled meow... DON'T JUDGE ME.  i am perfectly capable of maintaining self control; nearly every catcentric item i've shown you over the last year has gone unpurchased!  (it's the beauty of pinterest in general, huh?  i've saved so much in online shopping!)  the shoes... aren't going unpurchased forever.  i don't care.  i can wear those to work.  anywhere.  okay, and the blanket?  i found it at a thrift store over the weekend; it's already mine.  who's not going to want to jump into bed with this?! (the cashier was a legit cat lady and sort of salivated when she rang me up... i questioned the entire transaction, promise.)

1 comment:

  1. Kitties are the best things ever! They have cute little noses, soft paws and those whiskers kill me every time! I love this post!



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