Monday, August 22, 2011


i was recently telling someone about a certain dress from alexander mcqueen's spring 2005 ready-to-wear collection, and how i've thought about it every day for the last six years.  (it's this beauty.)  i'm sure you're thinking, "every day, marissa?  come on."  dude, when you don't have kids you have the luxury of sugarplum visions dancing through your head all the time.  (although coincidentally, when i was nannying a few years ago i kept mistakenly calling lightning mcqueen by said designer's name; it did NOT go over well with my 4-year-old charge.)  so when i went to see savage beauty at the met last month, i was hoping upon hope that my dream dress would be there.  it... was not.  but what was there, i lack the words to describe.  you've either seen the exhibit or seen the photos online, so you know.  it was dark, intense, magnificent, and my stomach was in my throat for the duration of my slow crawl through each room.  my friend brie forewarned me, "take your time.  there's so much to see."  and jason, who waited in the hour-long line for a second time just to keep me company, leaned down to whisper in my ear, "marissa, people are going to push you.  hold your ground."  grateful for my new yorkers' advice, i soaked it up and took all the time i wanted. at the exit, i did a little indecisive dance, but finally passed the point of no return once i saw that for a mere $45 i could take the entire show home with me.  this girl's a sucker for a coffee table book.  it's a bit nicer than the crappy printout of dreamdress that's been taped to my last four refrigerators.


  1. I want that book. I'm so sad I wasn't able to go see the show. I just adore McQueen.


  2. wow, these designs are stunning! mcqueen is such a fabulous designer

  3. which one is dream dress? the last one?


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