Friday, August 12, 2011

some things

1: last month while in ghent for my familial birthday dinner, we drove past this giant mural.  i hesitated for a moment then yelped, "dad!  go back around the block!"  the second i saw that crazy painted wall, i envisioned a very specific framed photo hanging in my new apartment.  a two-minute photoshoot, 8x10 snapfish print, and $3 janky old thrift store frame later- and it's happened.
2:  somehow i didn't even know this book had ever been written?!  this will only carry significant weight when i tell you that if forced to choose just one musician to fill my ipod with for all eternity, i'd load that sucker up with philip glass scores without a second thought.  i love him.  unhealthy love.  (don't you clap every time you think about he and ira glass being cousins, too?!)   fate brought this first edition into my life and i'd spend all day reading it poolside if i weren't doing 600 loads of laundry today (hello, sheetless mattress).
3:  this tote.  are you seeing this?  three fieldguided totes in and i'm convinced anabela has some window into my soul.  multilingual cats, KB, and now boats?  (BOAT should be a blog tag of mine at this point.)  it's so heavenly and a perfect accompaniment to the 95% of my wardrobe that's nautically-rooted.  

(A, maybe your next design should incorporate philip and ira glass embracing in front of the big frank mural?  just bouncin' some ideas around...)


  1. I am obsessing over the anchor necklace! And the Frankenstein photograph is truly marvelous! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  2. That family photo is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Nuff said. xo

  3. Once sat next to Philip Glass on a flight from Orange County to JFK!


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